Hello there Art hunters! My name is Neil McNaughton, I live in Inverness ( Scotland ). This is a collection of my art work past and present. Hope you like!!

 I am a self tought artist. I started with scetches and pencil
work before I progressed on to the brushes. My first painting was in water colour and completed  in December 1989 on the Shetland Islands. Since then the majority of my paintings have been done in oil. I have experimented with different styles and techniques over the years. I concentrate alot on the light in my work to create mood, feelings and movement. Most of my paintings are landscapes and imaginary scapes. As part of my imaginary landscapes I have a set of "Cave Scenes" which have been done over the last 12 years. I have also recently tried my hand at my first portrait. 

  All paintings are original and available to purchase, prints are also available in various sizes, framed or unframed. For more information please contact me through my contact page. I have only recently set up my website so keep checking for more work to be added and up and coming exhibitions/events.

  So here are some of my paintings, hope you like my work

 *Past exhibitions:- Bassetlaw Art Gallery and Museum, Eastgate Centre Inverness, The Drawing Room Retford

  Thought for today....
     "A mind once streched by a new idea never regains its original dimension"